7. We are a Decentralized Movement

In Cosecha we don’t have bosses or executive directors. The role of a leader is not boss people around, or make decision, but to strengthen our groups and support other to develop their leadership. Among our groups we coordinate to have joint actions, we exchange strategies, and we motivate each other through new ideas and with energy - but circles dont have to ask for permission to do something. Each Cosecha group makes their own decision. Local groups are experts in their own communities and know better than anyone how to move campaigns forward in their own local conditions. We also respect the knowledge of those who have been fighting in the movement for a long time, and we support new leaders so that little by little they can take more responsibility and have more confidence. The debates in and between our circles make us stronger, bring new ideas, and result in better strategies when we navigate them with respect and towards a common goal.

Movimiento Cosecha