Manejando Sin Miedo

Driving Without Fear Support Network

We know we are living in difficult times - in times where the abuse against our community continues to get worse and no one is talking about immigration reform. But we are not going to let Trump define our lives - we have to continue to fight. We are fighting for our right to drive without fear. And we know that we are not alone.

Throughout the country the immigrant community is demanding the right to drive without fear. We know that united we are stronger. That is why we are deciding to join forces and create the Support Network for people that want to fight or are already leading fights for the right to drive without fear. Because this is a moment for us to guide our community, share our wisdom, and harvest our movement.

We know that our community is rising up throughout the country for the right to Drive Without Fear. We decided to create the Support Network for the people that want to fight for that right.
— Gema, Cosecha Michigan
When you are part of the Support Network you can be part of a community that shares ideas, motivation, and is contact with other people that are fighting for the same thing. You will also have access to resources that you can bring to your community to make your campaign grow.
— Esther, Dignidad Inmigrante en Athens
This May 1st, let’s mobilize together to demand our right to Drive Without Fear. In June, we will have a gathering to bring together those fighting across the country; we will plan collectively and support each other.
— Carlos, Cosecha New Jersey

In the Network we already have representation from New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Georgia, Indiana and Minnesota. Read more about the campaigns here. We are 6 state but there are many more campaigns across the country and more than 30 states that dont have licenses for all yet.

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Whether you are already part of an existing campaign or you want to start a new campaign in your community - everyone is welcome. We have the believe that if we join forces, work and fight together, the day will come when we will be able to Drive Without Fear.”


About the National Gathering:

Sign up for the first #DrivingWithoutFear National Gathering, on July 20-21. If you are already part of a campaign in your city, or if you want launch one, come to the national gathering to receive support, exchange strategies, and join forces!